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The Artist's Circle is an international community of artists led by celebrity vocal coach and award winning songwriter, Wendy Parr. Get the same  mentoring she gives to people like Regina Spektor and A Great Big World, all the while acquiring a solid foundation and support system constructed of other likeminded artists like yourself.

 "If you are an artist, The Artist's Circle is a must... Labels and management companies should incorporate Wendy's]method of helping artists and songwriters reach their greatness and fullest potential.  I am a better artist this morning because of what I experienced last night."  

~FANATIC,  Award Winning Producer - Michael Jackson, Beyonce, JLo



The Artist's Circle is a monthly event based out of New York City, Los Angeles, and Nashville USA where musicians, vocalists, songwriters, producers, and more come together to grow, get community support, and transform their careers.

Throughout my 25 years of working with musicians, singers, Broadway vocalists, producers and more, I've helped countless artists develop and advance in their careers. When I began working with Ian Axel of A Great Big World, he had never had a voice lesson and, in fact, did not believe he even was “a singer." Together we developed both Ian and Chad’s skills and careers, leading all the way up to their triple platinum single and Grammy Award winning song with Christina Aguilera, "Say Something."

The tools I used with Ian and Chad are the same I use with all artists: connect to your authenticity, reveal your purpose, develop the technique that allows you to express yourself fully, and make strides in your career and artistic growth. This is the foundation of the teachings in The Artists Circle.

The Artist's Circle has produced INCREDIBLE results for the artists involved. One member, FANATIC (producer - Michael Jackson, Beyonce, J Lo) said: “If you are an artist, The Artists Circle is a must. I am a better artist this morning because of what I experienced last night.”

Here’s what happens at an Artist's Circle event:

  1. Guided discussion on career-building topics with individualized feedback from me

  2. Suggested take-home assignments to bring your experience to life
  3. Real world accountability: weekly (self-determined) partner calls with at least one "buddy" from the group to connect and stay on track!

The Artist's Circle is a by-invite only community, so RSVP YES and spread the word to your friends. Invite them to request THEIR invitation - community and quality build the circle. E-mail to request your spot.

- Wendy


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