Wendy is a Grammy Award Winning Songwriter,  One of New York City's top voice teachers with over 24 years experience, currently a  VIP Council Member, vocal producer and singer whose passion supports the Artist's Spirit - providing excellent technique for the purpose of authentic artistic expression, allowing clients develop and sustain their signature unique sound. She also works as the Celebrity and Industry Professional Coordinator for VocalizeU.

Wendy works in New York City, Los Angeles and Nashville as well as on Skype and travels extensively worldwide songwriting, developing artists, vocal producing and providing inspiring workshops.

Join me at the VocalizeU Songwriter's Intensive!

Oct. 23rd-26th in Nashville

 Keynote Speaker & Mentor Marshall Altman!

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READY TO ROCK!: A Pre-Show Empowering Meditation

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Authenticity is way more interesting than perfection #begenuine  • WP