Photo: Shervin Lainez

Photo: Shervin Lainez

Wendy is an Award Winning Songwriter,  one of New York City's top voice teachers with over 25 years experience, vocal producer and singer whose passion supports the Artist's Spirit - providing excellent technique for the purpose of authentic artistic expression, allowing clients develop and sustain their signature unique sound. 

Founder of The Artist's Circle, currently New York City, Los Angeles, and Nashville Wendy travels extensively songwriting, developing artists, vocal producing and creating inspiring workshops that create community, inspiration & motivation for artists worldwide. 

Wendy has conducted seminars, performance events, and the Artist's Circle in London, New Zealand, Australia, Liverpool, Argentina, Uruguay, India and throughout the USA.


The Artists Circle is an international community of artists led by celebrity vocal coach and award winning songwriter, Wendy Parr. Get the same  mentoring she gives to people like Regina Spektor and A Great Big World, all the while acquiring a solid foundation and support system constructed of other likeminded artists like yourself.



From first vocal lesson to a GRAMMY win, it's been an incredible journey!



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