About Wendy

Photo: Shervin Lainez

Photo: Shervin Lainez

I want to make the world be a better place, by helping people be more genuine.

Wendy Parr is one of the industry’s top vocal coaches sought out by artists, managers, labels & producers worldwide. With her integrated approach and over 28 years of experience addressing not only the voice, but also the mental, emotional & physical game that supports artists in every aspect of their creative life to connect to their authentic selves.

She builds a culture of creativity, helping people deal with an environment that is constantly changing by operating from a sense of self with integrity, authenticity resulting in their ultimate unique creative expression.

The founder of The Artist's Circle, an open and interactive event designed to help creators dig in and bring out their innate creativity to further their careers and passions. The AC provides an experience where creators connect, communicate and transform and network through playful, motivating, and challenging conversations, guest speakers, and meditations designed specifically for creatives and people who work with creatives.

Wendy is an Award Winning Songwriter -  Dreams on Fire produced and co-written by GRAMMY & Academy Award winner AR Rahman is featured on the Grammy and Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.

She was the Music Supervisor and cowriter (Dir Josh Klausner & Atarah Valentine) of all the original songs in the Indie Feature Film Wanderland. 

As a vocal producer working side by side with the artist’s music producer, Wendy provides the trust, tools and support in the studio to bring out an outstanding genuine and emotional performance.





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Wendy is proud to have been a part of this wonderful film as the Music Supervisor and co-writer & producer of original songs with Director Josh Klausner (Shrek, Date Night) and Atarah Valentine. Click here to buy on iTunes.