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The human life is a creative act. Whether or not you identify as an artist or a creator, the truth is that you are constantly, actively CREATING your life -- from major life decisions to how your cook your favorite meal.

By connecting with your creative nature, you are able to better express yourself, feel more connected, and experience being “in the flow” in every aspect of your life.

The Artist’s Circle is a living, breathing community made stronger and more vibrant by the diversity of people it contains. No matter what stage you’re on in your journey, The AC is a safe space to support, further, and grow your creative life!


Our events follow a format that is designed to spark your creativity, provoke your curiosity, and leave you feeling more connected with yourself AND those around you. And trust us… it works.

The Artist's Circle Wendy Parr

A playful introduction game immediately moves everyone from nerves to laughter and preps us for the open, authentic connection we are about to have with one another. We dive into a series of questions that ask you to investigate your personal experiences, and then share your findings with fellow participants of your choosing.

Wendy Parr Artist's Circle

Participants take these fresh discoveries and learn to be present, open, and collaborative with group exercises that bring everyone into the action. This is supplemented with a selection of highly curated, engaging visual content that is designed to further your personal and artistic development.


Connections with fellow AC creatives are expanded as you revisit small group conversation to share your breakthroughs from the evening. We leave the event with heightened sense of self, new bonds, and an ignited passion that will carry us home and into our next day with greater focus, purpose and clarity.


No application is required to attend the Artist’s Circle!
Just register for a ticket at one of our upcoming events, and you’re in.


"The Artist Circle is a place of creativity, growth, and acceptance. People's walls collapse because Wendy brings them down with her all-inclusive approach to creativity. No matter who you are, where you are in your career, or what you do, you will grow by attending this event."
- Mike Ruby, Artist