the artist's circle

Not everyone is a creative professional, but every one of us has an innate creative language inside of them - the question is have you learned to tap in and use it?

The AC will help you connect with that language and foster your power. It’s up to you how want to you use it.

We all go through the same cycle of human emotions constantly. You can be a GRAMMY winning world renowned musician or a celebrated painter, but still have ups and downs. We are at our best when we are connected. 

The AC is alive - a living, breathing community that is constantly changing, but the intent, heart & safe space is always there for you to come back to. No matter what your stage in life, your current success or future intentions. This is a safe space to be still and listen or get active  - either way, you grow.

The Artist’s Circle is a constructive and engaging space that can be applied to  a wide range of scenarios - already established communities, businesses of all sizes, including “non-creative” companies,  a writer’s room, film production to the Fortune 500.

Super heroes have hidden identities. Now more than ever tapping into that resource is to everyone’s benefit. I’d like to help you feel more comfortable taking off your Clark Kent glasses and embrace your super powers.