the artist's circle

The Artist’s Circle is changing the landscape for creative artists. With a focus on genuine growth, authenticity and a holistic life for the artist, the Artist’s Circle helps creatives lead fulfilling lives, providing a support system and true network of fellow artists around the world. These kindred spirits are all on the path of authenticity and wholeness to inspire and move the world in their own unique way.

The Artist’s Circle is for all ages - think of it as: artists development meets 12 step program meets life coaching... the diverse ages and disciplines make it inspiring for everyone. It's INNER WORK for creatives. We watch Ted talks, have intimate conversation, play creative games -- break habits, break through fears, build character, tools and career goals. It’s fun & motivating. It’s you community, your tribe, your support system.

Watch the video at for a glimpse of the magic.  And come experience the next event!

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