the artist's circle

The Artist’s Circle is changing the landscape for creative artists.  A networking and personal development society for creative artists with a focus on genuine growth, authenticity and a holistic life for artists, The Artist’s Circle provides a support system and true community where creative artists:

Connect • Communicate • Transform

The Artist’s Circle is for all ages - think of it as: artists development meets 12 step program meets life coaching... the diverse ages and disciplines make it inspiring for everyone. It's INNER WORK for creatives. We have intimate conversation, play creative games - break habits, break through fears, build character, tools and career goals. It’s fun & motivating. It’s you community, your tribe, your support system.



  1. To join The Artist's Circle, you must first apply to be a member.*
  2. If your application is approved, you can choose a long-term Membership (best option) or pay per event as a Drop-In Member.
  3. You'll receive insider e-mails and notifications when events are announced. To see the current upcoming Artist's Circle event listings, just check the Events page

* You can postpone the application and come to your first event for just $35 as an Explorer. You'll witness the magic that is The Artist's Circle, and apply after the event. Go ahead and register for an event now with the code EXPLORER

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