VocalizeU Winter Retreat

This retreat is about “Being Ready For The Moment When Your Life Shifts”.

When big hits seem to come out of nowhere, they really don’t. Artists like A Great Big World, Lorde, Tamar Braxton were working for years at their craft and artistry before they got their moment, but when the moment arrived, they were ready. This retreat is to help you work all angles of your artistic being, mind, spirit and game plan.

This year we are shifting the VU Winter Retreat to be an all-encompassing artist development retreat, not just songwriting. This will be a weekend to really unplug from the rest of the world and focus on all areas of creativity and inspiration. This is where you take the time to dig deep, reflect and really understand who you are as an artist. We will be bringing in industry leaders and motivational speakers to spark you and push you to your boundaries. You will work on essential artistic elements such as; interpretive sound, song placement, connective movement, how to be your own CEO, breaking glass ceilings, inspirational songwriting and so much more!

In this day in age, with the music industry shifting every second, you have to be ready to go at any moment. You cannot afford to wait for someone to guide you, develop you or invest in you. You must invest in yourself! No one wants success for you, more than you. So EMPOWER yourself and join us this winter.

Through the Winter Retreat''s unique program, artists will get to intimately work with:

  • Prominent Songwriters
  • Performance Experts
  • Recognized VIP Voice Training Experts
  • Well known & Established Artists
  • Motivational and Inspirational Speakers
  • and Other Leading Professionals



VocalizeU Winter Retreat 2013

VocalizeU Winter Retreat 2013