August News: New Regina Spektor album "Remember Us to Life" + so much more!

Keep your eyes peeled for the NEW Regina Spektor album "Remember Us to Life" out on September 30! Pre-order the album here and check out her tour dates!

Salt Lake City: "Midsummer Songwriting Masterclass"

Find out how to RSVP here now - space is very limited!


May Newsletter - Sarah Kervin, The Joyful Heart Foundation, Nancy Sinatra!

I am SO excited to help announce a new partnership between Sarah Kervin and The Joyful Heart Foundation to raise awareness about domestic violence. In addition, I invite you to celebrate the release of Sarah's new single and video, "The Least You Could Do."


The song tells the story of learning to trust yourself again. In Sarah's words, "As a victim of abuse, I thought what was happening to me was my fault... putting those emotions into this song helped me realize that I had to trust my instincts and find ME again. [...] Only by raising our collective voices can we make a difference." 


All proceeds from the sale of the single, now available on iTunesCDBaby, & YouTube, go towards The Joyful Heart Foundation. #BeTheChange #NoMore


Get Ready for Lauren Christy at the VU Winter Retreat!

This is an UNBELIEVABLE opportunity. At the Winter Retreat you will: 

  • Find out how these chart-topping hits were made
  • Get an intimate insider look behind the scenes at how these artists develop lyrics, melodies, harmonies and more
  • And have the opportunity to ask ALL the questions you've always wanted to know about your favorite songs!

Learn more about Lauren and watch the video to find out more about your award-winning performer: HERE   

Interested in joining The Artist Circle?  Find out more HERE

Trying to Get It


Ahhh, I often have students say “I don’t’ get it” or “I think I’m getting it” or “I’m trying to get it” as we work on vocal exercises, smoothing out the bridges, style tools… various aspects of the voice and artistry.

So what is it you are hoping to get? In fact you’ll never “get it”. Not in the way we think of getting it. Let’s equate it to writing a song… when you’ve been writing songs for 5 years do you “get it”. Are you done learning how to write? Have you crossed some finish line, completed a level of certification that tells you you’re “done”? NOOoooo way! In fact, most writers I know feel like they don’t know how to write every time they start a new song. Or think for a moment “Oh, I’ve written my best song, won’t ever write a song as good as this one”. Of course, that’s not true. It’s just that there is no “getting it” nowhere to “get to”. It's a process, an experience we have - unique and in the moment every time.

You can insert any activity you do and realize there is no “getting it” –  painting, swimming, basketball, playing piano, yoga, construction, fashion, design, dance… and if you keep trying to get it, you will always fall short and feel further from the “finish line” because you are chasing an illusion. There is no finish line. Enjoy the evolution of your talent and skills.

As a songwriter you have ways to write a song, you have craft and it’s always evolving and fluid. There is a core that becomes stronger and stronger, which gives you the the skills and craft to improvise, go with the flow and take risks.

Singing, as you become more skilled becomes fun, a deeper artistic experience with a stable voice you can trust, skills you use so you can be uniquely expressive and daring - FREE.  This is where the fun, the joy of singing exists. So start now. Start playing with your tools, using the skills to enjoy your singing and let go of the goal of “getting it” which is actually the goal to get it “right” which is a construct to fail. Self Expression, you can't get it wrong!

Perfection and fun do not co-exist. Have fun and you’ll be better than you imagine!