January News: Hello 2017 - Sneak Peeks, Releases, and GRAMMY Congrats!

So excited to share some recent features from my winter trip to Russia with MTV Selfie News, and a behind-the-scenes look as I led a group of Uruguayan and Argentinian artists on the show Broadway Living, broadcast on Uruguayan channel VTV!

Plus, there are a ton of GRAMMY congrats and exciting new releases to explore. 

And make sure to check out the NEW Artist's Circle website -- apply now to join this community and attend one of the upcoming Artist's Circle events in your city!

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Special Events & Free Seminars

Hi there!

So excited to share with you 3 events I’m involved with - so much information, education and inspiration to change your life! And these events are all either FREE or super affordable, all to help you and your success. 

The Artist’s Circle by Wendy Parr curates for the series The HUM
presented by HYPNOCRAFT

Monday, October 3rd featuring Tanis, Frances Rose & Jessica Carvo


A new zivaMIND Master Class on Meditation  
Stress Less, Accomplish More  - How to alleviate anxiety to feel calm and happy
Starting September 15th, 2016


The Music Hub - Music Launch - Over 40 speakers including ME
So much valuable information on your artistic career, musical style,
marketing and more! 



Excited? Yes! Check out http://eepurl.com/cgssSj