The Artists' Circle

The Artists' Circle is a special group that meets monthly and stays connected to encourage, support & share resources to help you reach your goals as an artist!  

Here’s what you can expect with The Artists' Circle

  • Strengthen your skills as an artist with peer workshop and review
  • Get community support and accountability to make things happen!
  • Network and gain resources & advice for your career
  • And access a strong community of supporters who share your dream

Here's what people are saying about the Artists' Circle:

"Music has always been a part of my life, but when I moved to New York City and left my band I felt alone and disconnected from the music world, and my own creativity. Being in The Artists' Circle has introduced some amazing musicians who are up to incredible things; I've booked shows, received encouragement and support from new friends, connected with my purpose, and activated inspired new ways to move forward in my career and my creative life. Now I feel like I'm on my real path and being the artist I want to be." ~Angela


"What I like the most about it was that it felt like a family. Talking to each other about our dreams and goals felt accepting and welcoming for the first class. It felt good to have other people around that support and encourage what you believe in and what you want to accomplish for yourself. It's gives me motivation to go even harder on my craft or just life in general." ~Victor

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