Grammy Week Showcase - What A Blast!

What a fun, magical and fantastic show!

The magic was so high, a transformer blew in the neighborhood - the show went on! Acoustic - no mics, no power, all joy! (this was shot in the dark!)

Roy Kariok on guitar
Tamir Barzilay on Cajon and Percussion

Live at OFF the WALL Music Lounge, Los Angeles

Grammy Week Showcase!

Excited to play Wed Jan 22nd in Los Angeles!

So excited to play with these two terrific artists - Christie Lenee & Emmett Skyy!

Wendy is a Grammy Award Winning Songwriter - Dreams on Fire, Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack produced and co-written by AR Rahman and one of New York City's top voice teachers (Regina Spektor, Sara Bareilles, A Great Big World, Au Revoir Simone). Wendy loves to collaborate (Jay Stolar, Leading Me Down; Ernie Halter, I'm Getting Ready; We Are Beautiful People, ft. Chad Vaccarino (AGBW)... Wendy works in New York City, Los Angeles and Nashville as well as on skype and travels extensively worldwide songwriting, developing artists, vocal producing and providing inspiring workshops. She also works as the celebrity and Industry Professional Coordinator for VocalizeU.

Christie Lenee
Christie Lenée has been capturing a wide audience across the US, touring frequently and delivering vibrant energy at every show. Her unique guitar work is often compared to visionaries like Michael Hedges, Bela Fleck, Andy McKee, and John Mayer- fusing folky/funky playfulness with pop/rock inspired songs and virtuosic guitar compositions. Christie has been seen many times on stage with Tim Reynolds (guitarist for Dave Matthews Band) and a stellar cast of musicians including Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), Jeff Coffin, and Stanley Jordan. Her eclectic guitar skills have not only accompanied other great artists, but she has also played a multitude of instruments on her own records. An extensive original repertoire of both vocal and instrumental music showcases her extensive musical background, with studies including classical, jazz, rock, blues, folk and flamenco. Her innate ability to fuse these styles propels an eruption of harmonic fluidity, delivering profound expressions and a vibrant live performance.

Emmett Skyy
Born Emmett Spooner II in Baton Rouge, La., Skyy began singing at age 3 and performing in church choirs at age 12. His sound has been compared to Marvin Gaye and Lenny Kravitz. Skyy taught himself to play acoustic guitar, eventually crafting a repertoire of more than 100 original songs combining elements of soul and rock. Skyy eventually met singer/songwriter/producer Antonio Neal and the two spent time recording and producing Skyy's first few tracks in Nashville.


WED JAN 22nd • 730pm


2043A Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, California 90404

(310) 310-8020