Photo: Shervin Lainez

Photo: Shervin Lainez

Wendy is one of the country's top vocal coaches sought out by artists, managers, labels & producers world-wide. With her holistic approach and over 27 years of experience Wendy has coached Regina Spektor, Sara Bareilles, Ana Torroja, Mandy Gonzalez, A Great Big World - from the 1st voice lesson to a GRAMMY Award, addressing not only the voice, but also the mental, emotional & physical game supporting artists in every aspect of their creative life.

Wendy is a mentor, vocal producer, award winning songwriter (Dreams on Fire, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE) and Music Supervisor (WANDERLAND).

Founder of The Artist's Circle  - a networking and mindfulness community for creatives, Wendy has led events in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, London, New Zealand, Russia, Australia, Liverpool, Argentina, Uruguay, India and more. Wendy is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, coaches regularly in Los Angeles and New York and Facetime/ Skype. 



Connect   Communicate   Transform

The Artist's Circle by Wendy Parr is a networking and personal development society for creative artists of all disciplines with events in NYC, LA, Nashville, Tel Aviv and pop-ups everywhere. Curating a group of artists that inspire, motivate and connect artists worldwide, The Artist's Circle by Wendy Parr is everything for the creative - mind, body & soul.

The Artist’s Circle is for all ages - think of it as: artists development meets 12 step program meets life coaching... the diverse ages and disciplines make it inspiring for everyone. It's INNER WORK for creatives. We have intimate conversation, play creative games, break habits, break through fears, build character, tools and career goals. It’s fun & motivating. It’s you community, your tribe, your support system.

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