"Everything is rhythm, starting with your heartbeat." -WP

"Everything is rhythm, starting with your heartbeat."


 Photo: Shervin Lainez

Photo: Shervin Lainez

Wendy's song  Dreams on Fire produced and co-written by AR Rahman is featured on the GRAMMY Award winning Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.

As a vocal producer working side by side with the artist’s musical producer, Wendy provides the trust, tools and support needed in the studio to create a great performance. Clients include: Suzie Q (Dreams on Fire), Carmel (Prod by Val Garay), Anna Krantz, Cara Quici...

Wendy loves to collaborate, bring out the song the artist desires to write, go somewhere new with a co-writer, create great songs for others & she is a true fan of the clients and friends she works with, - you can find her cheering and snapping photos at gigs!

"Music unites, singing takes us to a high state of joy & the artist's role is to take everyone on that ride with a unique expression and inspire others to follow their passions to a genuine fulfilling life."



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