" It is not the job of the creator to deliver perfection. Creation is the unknown adventure of inspiration, exploration, and exaltation." -WP

" It is not the job of the creator to deliver perfection. Creation is the unknown adventure of inspiration, exploration, and exaltation."


“Wendy Parr is an incredible vocal teacher. She is also one of the most encouraging and positive people i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She understands the human voice on a level I didn’t know existed. Every time we work together i learn so much! She opens my mind to incredible ideas and concepts! I am so grateful to have Wendy in my life as a teacher and a friend. Anyone who studied with her would definitely feel a huge difference in their voice and outlook on singing. Wendy is the best!”

~Regina Spektor


“I have been working with real singers and recording artists for over 25 years, and no voice teacher/coach has ever had powerful, consistent results like Wendy Parr. In addition to the remarkable technique she imparts to her clients, she is unique in her ability to get singers to dig deep into their souls and bring out every ounce of nuance and power he or she could be sharing with themselves and the world.”

~Ron Shapiro

Ian Axel, A Great Big World @The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Ian Axel, A Great Big World @The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

My first lesson with Wendy was gifted to me from a friend. Up until that point, I had never sung my own songs. I thought the idea of a voice lesson was crazy. I didn’t have a singing voice, and there was nothing anybody could do to change that. And now, 5 years later, I sing professionally. Life is nuts.

“You are a singer.” Wendy said this over and over again in my first lesson. Who was this Wendy Parr?! And what did she see in me that I didn’t? There was something about my visits to her that kept me coming back, like she found this little thing inside of me that said “yes” and that thing kept growing and growing. I trusted her and the exercises she gave me, even if I didn’t understand completely. And believe me, there were moments of great frustration. But slowly I began to trust myself. You don’t realize the growth when you’re in it. But looking back and listening to my lessons blows my mind. My dreams have seriously come true, regardless of how cheesy that sounds. Wendy changed and is still changing my life. She teaches me how to carry my emotions through the words that I sing and has helped me to not be afraid. So I guess this is a message to all you “non-singers” out there. Go see Wendy Parr.

~Ian Axel

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I’ve been seeing Wendy for about 5 years now, and she has, without a doubt, made my voice stronger than it’s ever been. Before Wendy, I’d reach and strain for high notes to a point where I’d be hurting after a set…and it got so bad that I would lose my voice for about a week before being able to sing again. Once I began seeing Wendy, I learned that nothing about singing should be forced, and that in the most natural state, your voice range is seamless from high to low. I started looking at singing as an effortless process, and the exercises that Wendy has given me, has allowed me to explore areas of my voice I never knew existed. I can’t thank Wendy enough for how she’s changed my voice! And I cannot recommend Wendy enough to any aspiring singer. Her method works! And I’m so thankful she came into my life when she did.

~Chad Vaccarino, A Great Big World

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“Every single time I’ve had a lesson with Wendy I’ve become a better singer. I’m not exaggerating – every single time. I still warm up before shows along with our recorded lessons and I’m forever grateful to her for helping me improve. A few more years of this and maybe I won’t suck!”

~Jack Dishel

Many things make Wendy Parr special. As a friend she's fiercely loyal and deeply caring. As a Woman, she is driven by extremely high moral standards and a passion for equality and basic human rights. As a pixie... she's magic and a just the right amount of crazy! 

Wendy Parr the vocal coach is one of the greatest gifts I've ever received. Her teaching goes far beyond technique and into an entire universe of infinite possibilities. Of course, the technique she does teach is vital and something I will work with forever. When I started lessons with Wendy, I was often experiencing tightness in my throat. I was afraid to approach certain areas of my range and I felt a good signing day really came down to "good luck" which is a scary place to sing from! After continually practicing Wendy's teachings, I now feel completely liberated and free almost every single time I sing, and the times I don't feel so free, I simply go back to one of the many tools Wendy has taught me. Within minutes, I find my joy, I begin to relax and my voice effortlessly follows. Wendy taught me to dance with my voice, giving me complete vocal freedom. I am forever grateful.

~ Anna Krantz