Photo: Grace Brown

Photo: Grace Brown


Wendy Parr is an internationally renowned celebrity vocal coach, teacher, performer, and award-winning songwriter -  “Dreams on Fire” co-written by AR Rahman on the GRAMMY Award winning Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack.

With over 25 years of vocal coaching experience, Wendy has gained industry acclaim for her signature style of teaching and artist development.

Her technique has helped thousands of students master their talent and art, the likes of which can be seen topping the domestic and international charts.

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Her clients include:


Wendy presents workshops, lectures, master classes, and teacher training worldwide.

Give your students the opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s foremost influencers in current vocal performance.




Wendy leads transformative workshops, lectures, and master classes around the world. 

She has been an instructor of voice at UCLA, NYU, TISCH, Atlantic Theatre, SUNY Purchase, and the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Her signature workshops* help students develop their artistry, confidence, performance skills, and vocal technique.

*Please inquire to tailor these workshops to your students’ needs.

The Artist’s Spirit

Discover the foundational tools for world-class artistic style and vocal production. Participants will learn the curriculum Wendy uses with her top award-winning clients to connect, develop and express your authenticity, expand your vocal skills, and give your ideal performance, whether in the studio or on stage.

  • Discover advanced vocal exercises to improve quality and health of the voice  
  • Strengthen skills to express effectively, accurately and dynamically
  • Connect to your unique passion and purpose as an artist
  • Learn tools and exercises that connect you to your authentic style

This workshop is interactive and features lecture, singing and dialogue; vocal exercises and group song; and opportunities for individual instruction for immediate improvements.


Vocal Technique Workshop

Wendy teaches the mechanics of the voice through accessible language and practice so that the student’s technique enhances, not distracts from, his/her art.

  • Experience exercises that result in a balanced and blended voice (no cracks, flips or strain)
  • Learn tools that connect you more deeply to the song and emotional life
  • Learn about vocal health, warm-ups, workouts, vocal balance, and how to increase range

Developing Your Best Performance

What makes an artist unique? How do they create their style? This workshop focuses on how to develop your unique style with a foundation in technique — tools that create authentic expression and moment-to-moment present awareness.

  • Learn how to discover and improve your signature sound
  • Learn how to connect more deeply to the material
  • Artists perform a song and receive one-on-one instruction

The focus of Wendy’s teaching is The Artist’s Spirit — the belief that sharing joy and authenticity through music is the foundation for outstanding artistic performance. Her students develop the vocal skills that allow them to express themselves freely, develop their ideal voice, and translate their passion into a career through music, writing, and live performance.

Her teaching provides students with:

  • Expanded vocal technique
  • Increased endurance
  • Dynamic performance
  • Vocal rehabilitation
  • A full range of expression
  • Authentic presence
  • And improved consistency
Being in Wendy’s workshop truly changed my perspective on how I see myself as an artist. She showed me how to use touch, taste, culture, and sound to discover my artist identity. I now use her tools every day.”
- Nicholas Martinez, Workshop participant


Wendy’s technique helps artists master their skills and create consistency and freedom in order to fulfill their artistic goals and full expression.


“Authenticity creates connectivity. ”    


A Great Big World
Adam Stolar
Allie Moss
Allison Weiss
Ana Torroja
Ann Preven
Anna Krantz
Anna Rose
Annie Hart – Au Revoir Simone 
Benny Friedman
Bess Rogers – The Secret Someones
Big Time Rush
Bo Bruce
Bruce Nathan
Cal Shapiro – Time Flies
Cara Quici
Cara Salimando – Novellette 
Casey McPherson – Alpharev 
Cassidy Reiff
Chris Botti
Dan Dyer
Danny Mercer
Dia Frampton
Didi Guttman – Brazilian Girls
Dov Rosenblatt – Distant Cousins 
Emily Brout – The Indecent
Erika Spring – Au Revoir Simone 
Fred Durst
Heather D’Angelo – Au Revoir Simone
Izzy – Hunters
Jack Dishel – Only Son 
Jack Staffen
James Iha
James Ruff
Jaswinder Singh


Jay Stolar
Kirk Douglas – The Roots, The Dust Rays
Lee-hom Wang

Lily Lane
Marc Griffin – 2AM Club
Matt Butler
Matt White
Megan and Liz
Misa Joey
Nadia Ali
Nancy Sinatra
Nicole Atkins
Nikki Jean
Nikolai – The Strokes
Pat Smear

Pong Nan

Project Taro

Raven Symone
Regina Spektor
Rosalyn Jang

Sam Jacbern – The June Junes
Sara Bareilles
Shannon McNally
Sierra Kusterbeck – Versa Emerge
Soup – Jurassic 5
Susan Justice
Suzanne D’mello
Tatiana DeMaria – TAT
The Cheetah Girls
The Heydaze
Zoe Kravitz – Elevator Fight



Abena Koomson – Fela, B’Way
Ann Cusack
Brittany Murphy

Cyd Charisse
Emily Fletcher – A Chorus Line 
Emily Young – Bloody Bloody Jackson
Gelan Lambert Jr. – Fosse 
James Brown – USAF 
Jason Rabinowitz - Two Guvnors, B’way 
Jena Malone
Mandy Gonzalez – In The Heights and Wicked, B’way
Matthew James Thomas – Pippin, B’way

Mojandra Delfino
Neve Cambell
Rachel Leigh Cook

Robin de Jesus
Roderick Hill, Lestat
Ronald Guttman
Seth Green
Shaun Taylor-Corbett – In the Heights, B'Way
Tonya Pinkens
Zach Jones – Two Guvnors, B’way


"Wendy Parr is an incredible vocal teacher. She is also one of the most encouraging and positive people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She under- stands the human voice on a level I didn’t know existed. Every time we work together I learn so much! She opens my mind to incredible ideas and concepts! I am so grateful to have Wendy in my life as a teacher and a friend. Anyone who studied with her would definitely feel a huge difference in their voice and outlook on singing. Wendy is the best!" — Regina Spektor

"My first lesson with Wendy was gifted to me from a friend. Up until that point, I had never sung my own songs. I thought the idea of a voice lesson was crazy. I didn’t have a singing voice, and there was nothing anybody could do to change that. And now, 5 years later, I sing professionally. Life is nuts. “You are a singer.” Wendy said this over and over again in my first lesson. Who was this Wendy Parr?! And what did she see in me that I didn’t? There was something about my visits to her that kept me coming back, like she found this little thing inside of me that said “yes” and that thing kept growing and growing. I trusted her and the exercises she gave me, even if I didn’t understand completely. And believe me, there were moments of great frustration. But slowly I began to trust myself. You don’t realize the growth when you’re in it. But looking back and listening to my lessons blows my mind. My dreams have seriously come true, regardless of how cheesy that sounds. Wendy changed and is still changing my life. She teaches me how to carry my emotions through the words that I sing and has helped me to not be afraid. So I guess this is a message to all you "non-singers" out there. Go see Wendy Parr." — Ian Axel, A Great Big World

"What do you want in a teacher? Someone who can help you find and develop your voice, your unique sound. Someone who knows how to listen, identify what you need and give you the skills and techniques to develop your voice. Encourage, tell the truth, and help to find ” the artist” in you...and have fun doing it. Someone who understands and shares your passion for music. If you want those things then you want Wendy as your teacher and no other." — Ann Cusack

"I have been working with real singers and recording artists for over 25 years, and no voice teacher/coach has ever had powerful, consistent results like Wendy Parr. In addition to the remarkable technique she imparts to her clients, she is unique in her ability to get singers to dig deep into their souls and bring out every ounce of nuance and power he or she could be sharing with themselves and the world."
— Ron Shapiro


Awarded Outstanding Achievement In Songwriting by the Great American Song Contest for her song, “Lucky Penny"

Award Winning Songwriter - Dreams on Fire, Grammy Winning Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack





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